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Learn how to communicate better and improve your soft-skills with personalised real-life like conversations with AI mentors.

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How it works

Sophie, an AI-driven platform, enhances soft skills through personalised, realistic conversations with AI mentors, allowing you to practice at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

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Choose a scenario that reflects actual workplace challenges. Engage with these simulations to gear up for professional success.

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Apply your newfound knowledge in practice! Have practice conversations with your AI-mentor on real-life workplace scenarios. Turn knowledge into a skill.

learn and track progress


Receive actionable feedback after every practice session. Gain tailored guidance on speaking with clarity and confidence in any conversation.

learn and track progress

With Sophie, you are on the journey towards

What skill would you like to acquire today?

Business English

Advance your career by mastering key communication skills, essential for navigating the corporate world.

Storytelling Techniques

Turn your ideas into captivating stories for any occasion, ensuring each narrative is memorable.

Leadership Communication

Discover how to engage, inspire, and lead by using words that motivate and resonate with your team.

Job Interview Preparation

Sharpen your interview skills and boost your confidence with targeted practice that prepares you for even the toughest questions.


Enhance your ability to articulate, defend, and challenge ideas in a structured format. Develop critical thinking and persuasive communication skills.

And more!

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